After losing the sight in my right eye in an auto accident in 2001, and on account of the subsequent frustration and difficulty that monocular vision posed for the endeavor, I stopped painting altogether for several years. Eventually, motivated by the illnesses, courage, and deaths of loved ones, I was able to kindle my patience.


I decided it was time to make the paintings that I most needed to make, in order to confront the uneasy pairing of consciousness and mortality. These paintings, through pictorial metaphor and allegory revolve around that theme as an axis.


Stylistically, I have chosen a rather straight-forward kind of realism – with an attempt to integrate certain aspects of classical European painting (because I admire it) and qualities presented by naive American painters (because, in spite of school work with respected abstract expressionists, that remains, technically, what I am).


For the purposes of directness and honest introspection, I appear myself in these paintings. The settings are, primarily, around my home in Northern California.

Born: Evanston IL, 1956
BFA degree: California College of Arts, 1980